Shadow Administration

With the growing list of regulations and investor demands to have transparency, having a third party perform or validate your fund’s administrator has become an industry norm.

Through Woodfield’s detailed cross-check and validation procedures, you can be assured that your fund’s data is complete and accurate. This is important in various aspects of your fund including trading, portfolio management, accounting, compliance and risk management.

We will work with you to customize your shadow administration package so that it is tailored to your needs. In order to minimize the gap between the administrator and the fund, we provide you with the appropriate details needed to have at least two parties verify critical information. This will promote a seamless and efficient relationship between the fund and the administrator.

Investor Services

Shadow Investor Services allows fund managers to have accurate and up-to-date data maintained by Woodfield in case of inadequate disaster recovery procedures or if you experience other technical difficulties. Our services include:

  • Reviewing subscription documents, confirmation notes, redemption requests, and additional capital requests
  • Verifying calculations for distribution amounts and fund balances


All accounting work is reviewed internally by an experienced Woodfield accountant. Woodfield will verify the following:

  • Portfolio reconciliation
  • Automatic calculation of management and performance fees
  • Your fund’s NAV (daily, monthly or quarterly)
  • Periodic financial reports and statements (balance sheet, income statement, general ledger listing, statement of changes in partners’ capital, statement of changes in financial condition, investor statements, and performance tables)
  • Capital accounts or unitized values

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