Treasury Services

Woodfield’s Treasury Department will perform all banking and funds transfer activities for your fund while allowing you to have the final approval for all disbursements. As with all other aspects of our operation, a series of process driven internal controls insure accuracy and timeliness. We work with a large number of banks to insure the right fit for each of our clients. Banking services include:

  • Bill payments
  • Investor withdrawals
  • LOC payments
  • Processing Capital Calls and Distributions
  • Bank account setup
  • Investor additions
  • Bank reconciliations

Investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of adequate controls on the movement of money from unregulated private investment funds. Although not required by law or regulation, Woodfield has a robust system of financial controls in place to protect the integrity of your fund. These controls are designed to require the approval of both Woodfield and the Fund in order to transfer money to a third party. This system relies on the principle of joint control (the Fund and Woodfield) on the movement of cash and also separation of duties within Woodfield. Moreover, the bank account is generally held at a major institution that has elaborate security safeguards and other controls, such as ACH debit blocks.

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