Fund Accounting

Woodfield provides fund accounting and performance reporting as well as investment accounting and investor accounting for a wide variety of fund types.

Even if your fund involves complex or unusual fund structures, side pockets, different classes of investors, variable hurdle rates, complicated fee arrangements or multiple types of assets, our accountants are poised to handle the numbers.

All accounting work is reviewed internally using fund specific checklists prior to reports being issued to the fund manager. Once everything has been approved we will distribute the individual statements to the fund’s investors.

By outsourcing to Woodfield, you can ensure that your fund’s investor statements will be accurate, on time and prepared by experienced professionals.

  • Daily, monthly, or quarterly NAV
  • Maintain General Ledger and investor information
  • Prepare periodic financial reports and statements such as:
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • General Ledger listing
    • Statement of changes in partners’ capital
    • Statement of changes in financial condition
    • Investor statements
    • Performance tables
    • Other necessary reports
  • For more complex fund structures: separate reports for different components plus consolidated reports for the entire entity
  • Maintain capital accounts or unitized values
  • Master-feeder structures
  • Ability to process multiple share classes and side pockets
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Customizable investor statements—clients see your company’s branding
  • Investor statements that consolidate multiple funds on a single page
  • New issue segregation
  • Performance calculations for a single investment or groups of
  • investments
  • Automatic calculation of management and performance fees, loss carryforwards and hurdle rates
  • Variable fee structures by investor
  • Automatic accrual of repetitive expenses
  • Segregation of investors by tax status

Our fund accounting software automatically allocates income and expense to each investor based on the terms of each fund’s offering documents and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), even when the fund’s structure is highly complex.

We can customize your investor statements as to format and preferred level of detail and your company’s logo and branding, producing duplicate statements as necessary for sending to an accountant or other third party.

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