Audit & Tax Management

Audit Management Services

  • Work with your audit firm to determine timing, whether there will be a field visit or not, and requirements for items on the Prepared by Client (PBC) list.
  • Prepare all required schedules
  • Create and distribute confirmation letters
  • Explain financial transactions and answer questions
  • Assist in any way we can to ensure that the audit is completed smoothly

Tax Preparation Assistance

Generally it is most efficient to have your fund’s auditor also prepare the fund’s K1 forms and state and federal tax returns. We will work closely with your tax provider to provide the information and data they need.

If you choose not to use your auditor to prepare these tax forms, Woodfield can arrange to have them prepared by an outside tax professional. Tax preparation services include:

  • Preparing federal, state and local returns, including Federal Form 1065 and Schedule K‑1s
  • Tax compliance and reporting on securities, commodities and FX trades
  • Calculation of investors’ tax basis capital accounts
  • Mark-to-market elections
  • Trader versus investor determinations
  • Tax consulting and research

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